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Posted On Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 By Paul

Paul Krause’s Western boot clients have achieved that place in life where they can indulge in the pair of handmade cowboy boots they’ve always promised themselves. They know that PK Maker boots, fitted by personal appointment, are an investment that will bring long-term satisfaction.

Experience – and Service

Paul’s focus is your wants or needs, and he will work with you to meet them. He knows how to measure your feet and legs so your custom boots really fit your feet, to give you decades of comfort, pleasure, and style. Paul is happy to make the traditional sharp-looking, hard-boxed toe; he is equally skilled at creating a rounded, softer toe, a special heel, or any other design element in a custom cowboy boot. The good news: Western cowboy boots can be soft and flexible and custom boots by PK Maker are the perfect way to get a cowboy boot that fits you.

Explore the boot galleries below or find design ideas in magazines, bring them to PK Maker. Whether you’re looking for traditional cowboy boots or another type of Western boot, Paul will find first-quality leather and work it by hand, for your comfort and satisfaction.  PK Maker’s standard is creative service. Paul offers decades of experience in making and fitting custom boots, in shoe repair, boot repair – and most of all, in customer service.

Tooled Collar Boots 

I like doing tooled collars on boots. It provides the customer with something special from me, and it's unique to their boots. I especially like doing filigree tooling on them. Below are some collars that are especially interesting and the boots they were designed for. 
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Triad Style Boots 

This unique style is of somewhat unknown origins. It appears the first Western Boots to be made like this were made in the 1980's when the US had a trade embargo with So. Africa, where the best Ostrich skins were obtained. This design is more efficient and makes it possible to cut one or two more vamps and counters out of a skin. As you can see it also presents a different canvas for other kinds of designs.  
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AZ Flag Themed Boots 

Ever since I first saw an Arizona Flag design boot, made by another Arizona maker, I have had it in me that I would someday do a study of this theme. Beginning in 2011 I embarked, with intention to make use of the AZ flag theme as a celebration of Arizona's Centennial. I had already made my first pair bearing this motif in 2004, and made use of it in much of my marketing.
What follows is the results of a campaign I set out upon using the different styles of Western boot construction as a form for the design:


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This album contains images of boots I've made of Alligator, Ostrich and even Anteater (from old stock and no longer available) 
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Full Cut Two Piece Boots 

When the Great Cattle Drive period began and the first cowboys hit the trial, many of them were fresh out of the Army and wearing the Cavalry Officers Full Wellington, which came to be called the Full Cut Boot. Below are versions thereof: 
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Traditional Four Piece Boots 

By far most of the boots I have made are of this design. Of course there are many more than four pieces, but the design name refers to; the two top panels, front and back, the vamp covering the foot, and the heel section. This is the traditional way Western boots have been made for about the last 100 years. As you can see, there is plenty of room for variation and self expression.  
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