The Art of Len Agrella

Posted On Monday, January 9th, 2012 By Paul

Soon after I moved to Prescott AZ. in the year 2000, I met Len Agrella.  His painting Vincent called to mind a very good friend of mine, and I had to meet the Artist.  We’ve become very good friends since then.  Aware that opening our new shop  was a “leap of faith” for my wife and I, Len offered to hang his painting of the same name in my studio, and I gladly accepted.  Four other pieces of Agrella’s are also on display for sale in my in downtown Prescott, AZ location, and while I certainly invite you to stop in to see them in person, I attach them here for your enjoyment.Please feel free to contact me, or use the link below to make contact with the Artist.


3 Time Winner 30" X 40"

Leap of Faith 60" X 80"









The Hatband 19" X 21"


Native American Modern both at 19"x 21"









Sunset 19" X 21"




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  1. Please send pricing, if possible, on Len’s pieces.
    We are freinds of Rich and Anda Dillon of Rocky Pt.
    thank you.

  2. Paul says:

    Please see pm for reply.

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