Going back to my son's college  reading assignment, which he then shared with me, I recall the book Narcissus and Goldmund, by Hermann Hesse.  Ever since, I have often called this book to mind regarding my relationships with my different leather works.  Well it happened again this morning.  
In the book, Hesse tells of the main character, Goldmund, and how after many years on his "life search" away from the 3rd Century Monastery where he grew up, he returns to renew his relationship with God, and takes up residence in the wood shop as a sculptor of religious icons.  After spending months on the Madonna, he delivers the statue to it's new home, and goes into a deep depression at the loss of the figure he had come to love and adore.  Everyday he had communed with the object as it came to be, and now he felt the loss.   
My son wanted me to see how it is not unlike my own expressions of relationships I have with the boots I make.  
Well it happened again, just now.  I walked into the studio this morning, and here they were, waiting for me.   Wanting my attention, just as I left them.    I'll miss them when they're gone.    I'll wish I had time to get professional pictures.  I must deliver them tomorrow.    However, I have taken pictures of the boots in-process, and will post them soon.  
Back to the bench,

As I left them

more please