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Tooled Collar Boots

I like doing tooled collars on boots. It provides the customer with something special from me, and it's unique to their boots. I especially like doing filigree tooling on them. Below are some collars that are especially interesting and the boots they were designed for.

AZ Flag Themed Boots

Ever since I first saw an Arizona Flag design boot, made by another Arizona maker, I have had it in me that I would someday do a study of this theme. Beginning in 2011 I embarked, with intention to make use of the AZ flag theme as a celebration of Arizona's Centennial. I had already made my first pair bearing this motif in 2004, and made use of it in much of my marketing. What follows is the results of a campaign I set out upon using the different styles of Western boot construction as a form for the design: Read More


This album contains images of boots I've made of Alligator, Ostrich and even Anteater (from old stock and no longer available) Read More

Traditional Four Piece Boots

By far most of the boots I have made are of this design. Of course there are many more than four pieces, but the design name refers to; the two top panels, front and back, the vamp covering the foot, and the heel section. This is the traditional way Western boots have been made for about the last 100 years. As you can see, there is plenty of room for variation and self expression. Read More

The Hero's Journey

I would wish for every person who thinks of him/herself as an individual, to be familiar with the hero's journey. Finding Joe is a movie which addresses that very wish. I post a link here, for you to check it out if you want to understand what the journey is all about. Read More

Welcome to the PK Bootmaker site.

For over 40 years, PK Bootmaker has been committed to handcrafting the finest quality custom leather cowboy boots and gear. With skilled design and craft, PK Bootmaker is able to offer limitless choices that before could only be imagined.  Dedicated to old-fashioned, traditional cowboy boot making techniques, each distinctive piece is created individually, ensuring that you receive exactly what you envisioned.
Hi, I am Paul Krause, PK Bootmaker.  Thank you for spending a few minutes on my web page.  Herein you will find examples of my work, whether personal leather items, leather art, or more particularly, my real passion, examples of Western Boots I've made.
I don't have a catalog, as such. I prefer to use my web page as a portfolio of my work, as it were, for you to get an idea of the possibilities.  The four piece boot, originally known in England as a Wellington, is the most common today.  But there are others styles that give a unique variation on what everybody else is wearing.
You'll find examples in the Boot Gallery.
I am a Bespoke maker.  Bespoke is 19th Century word denoting the ritual of pattern making specifically from the measurements of the person for whom the boot, or clothing item was intended. I won't just make you a 9D boot.  I will take about 20 measurements of your feet and legs to create your custom fitted boot. It's very old world and very special.
My life motto is "bringing something new into the world through creative service".  I hope you'll see how passionate I am about that. Enjoy.